The Health Delusion

How can it be that even with all the advances modern healthcare has made, we’re experiencing record levels of ill health – from diabetes, heart disease and cancer, to osteoporosis, dementia and depression? We’re more health conscious than ever before, and no matter which way we turn we’re bombarded with promises of the best thing for living longer and healthier lives. But the truth is, the messages are flawed and if we follow them, we won’t achieve the good health we long for. Something, somewhere, has gone horribly wrong.

Winner of the Medical Journalists’Association Consumer Health Book of the Year 2013, The Health Delusion is Aidan’s first literary offering

Spanning  more than 300 pages and drawing together the conclusions of over 500 research papers, it is a myth busting goldmine of what has gone so horribly  wrong with our collective health – and how we can put it right. Covering from preconception right up to old age, The Health Delusion provides a complete 21st-century guide to optimal health at every stage of life, and offers us a detailed plan of the foods, supplements and lifestyle changes needed for total wellness.

Compelling in content, with it’s easy to read, punchy and often humorous style, The Health Delusion has received rave reviews from the media, public and medical professions alike.

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