A Selection of Testimonials for Aidan



“An absolute genius, he’s opened my eyes to how powerful correct nutrition is. Nobody comes close to Aidan’s knowledge and results” 

David Haye – Former heavyweight champion of the world


“Since working with Aidan, I’m healthier, more alert and in top physical condition”

Sir Ben Ainslie – Four Times Olympic Gold Medalist 


srdaLh4aWhen it comes to wellbeing, Aidan is in a different league. He’s by far the most effective and forward thinking nutritionist I have had the pleasure of coming across 

Lorraine Pascale –  Model, TV chef and bestselling author

“I feel unstoppable, all thanks to Aidan’s amazing nutrition”

Jodie Kidd – Fashion Model and TV personality 


glen“Working wth Aidan has revolutionised my nutritional approach beyond anything I have experienced in the past. His knowledge is unrivalled and key for getting me into top shape and feeling and performing at my best”

James Haskell- English International Rugby Player

/Volumes/MACPRO HD3/20081127KYLE/Output/LOW RES JPEGS/.20081128KYLE011.jpg“Recovering from injury and surgery I needed a more advanced, medicinal approach to nutrition and Aidan is by far the best out there. I’ve been lucky to work with him ever since

Anthony Ogogo – Olympic Medla Winning Boxer and TV personality


jerome“In my experience as a long-time medical and health journalist Aidan is practically unique. I’m used to talking to people who know a lot about drugs and physiology and people who know a lot about nutrition and the way it ,impacts on physiology but I have never met someone who can talk about both with equal authority.”  

Jerome Burne – Author and award winning medical journalist

glenWhat makes Aidan unique is the breadth and depth of his expertise. I’m constantly blown away by his knowledge and his highly evolved approach to health is a shining example of the true potential of integrated medicine. Having worked in this field for many years, I can categorically say that no one comes close to matching Aidan.”

Glen Matten – UK leading nutritionist and author 

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“Aidan has no time for anecdote or flaky science, I wholeheartedly endorse his efforts and desire to pass on his knowledge to the public.”

Professor Margaret Rayman – Head of the school of Nutritional Medicine Surrey